Fried or Herb Roasted with 2 sides and 1 Corn Muffin
¼ White-$5.50
¼ Dark-5.00
½ Chicken-$7.00

Bourbon Chicken with Rice and 1 Side $6.00

Pork Chops
Fried or Smoothed
1 Pork Chop-$5.00
2 Pork Chops-$7.00

Catfish, Salmon, or Tilapia -$8.00
Fried, Bourbon Glazed, Cajun Grilled or Blackened with Rice, 1 Side, and 1 Corn Muffin

Fried, Bourbon Glazed, or Cajun Grilled with Rice, 1sides, and 1 Corn Muffin.

Sides-$1.50 each
Cabbage Candied Sweet Potatoes
Cole Slaw Country Style Green Beans
Dirty Rice Red Beans and Rice
Macaroni and Cheese (Sundays Only)

Banana Pudding Peach Cobbler

Daily Specials
Tuesday-Meatloaf, 2 sides and 1 Corn Muffin-$6.00
Wednesday-Salmon Croquettes, 2 sides and 1 Corn Muffin-$6.00
Thursday-Smothered Chicken, 2 sides and 1 Corn Muffin-$6.00
Friday-Jerk Chicken, Rice, 1 Side, and Corn Muffin -$6.00
Saturday-Bar B Q Chicken, 1 Side, Cole Slaw, and Corn Muffin-$6.00
Sunday-Turkey and Dressing, 1 sides and 1 Corn Muffin-$6.00

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